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Growing trend

With the growing trend of fermented food products in America today, you may be familiar with kombucha, kimchi, and Greek yogurt, as they are all advertised as having an incredible impact on gut health and digestion. Another product made using fermentation, which you might not have heard of, is cod liver oil!

Ancient tradition

Almost lost to history is the ancient traditional method of using fermentation to extract oil from fish and fish visceral. Combining this ancient method with modern standards, we are proud to re-introduce this nutrient rich source of natural vitamins and omega fatty acids. Most ancient and indigenous cultures around the world have used different methods of fermentation to preserve their food and improve its nutritional value for centuries. While the foods that were used vary from culture to culture, the fermentation process itself remains the same. Fermented food mimics digestion from within, aiding the body’s process of absorbing nutrients from whatever else you might eat.


In order to provide the highest quality of nutrients, we ferment our small batches of wild-caught cod to extract the cod liver oil, and we use clabbared milk to make the butter oil. A third party lab tests all of our products at every step of production. They test using FDA guidelines to ensure quality and safety. Our unique methods maintain the food’s fragile components and preserves what’s often lost through industrial processing.

The Aleutians

We get our fish exclusively from the Aleutian Islands region of Alaska. The Aleutian culture is more than 2,000 years old, rich in deep-rooted traditions. It both inspires and reminds us to take only what we need and give back what we can. Our new cod and cow illustrations are homage to this culture and their tradition of putting our planet first.