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Green Pasture Products reserves the right to sell only to those customers, group buyers, and wholesalers who agree to be subject to and adhere to our Terms of Use, including the MAP Policy and the Third Party Marketing Policy contained therein. 

You may apply to become a wholesaler or group buyer if you fit into the following descriptions.


A store front wholesale account domestic would include these circumstances: 

  • Web business. If you have a web business that sells like products with valid tax ID and business phone number, advertise at suggested retail prices.  See our Terms of Use for our MAP Policy.  
  • A practitioner with store front, tax ID or license number and valid business phone listing, advertise and price at suggested retail prices, 
  • A retail outlet that sells other like products at suggested retail prices, must have sales tax ID and business line and address 


  • A Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader who organizes group buys where everyone in the group saves. 
  • A non-profit buyer who works with others in the community and offers products at savings to others within the community
  • Another wholesale account that does not fully comply with the store front wholesale account category. 


  • Web based business
  • Store front based business 
  • Practitioner